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Peace Corps Mali Spotlight

Peace Corps Mali 50th Anniversary

Group of people (Photos DOS/PAS Bamako)

Peace Corps Volunteers at Work in the North of Mali

Peace Corps Mali Monthly Spotlight

Thanks to a funding from a USAID Small Project Assistance grant, Peace Corps volunteers in Mali have provided the Relais community health educators of Bara, in the Gao region, with a four day sanitation training covering the topics of disease transmission, water and food sanitation, proper nutrition, and preventative health behaviors. Motivated by the knowledge gained at this training, the Relais community health educators have presented multiple mini-lectures among their peers, effecting positive behavior change. For example, the Relais identified a trash collection service as the necessary next step to improve the overall health of the village. With initial financial support from the Peace Corps Partnership Program, the sanitation project will improve the health of the village with proceeds serving to keep the program sustainable; the project will serve as an income generating activity for the Community Health Board, allowing for funding of a broader range of preventative health activities.